Help & How-To

Getting Started

Add your first supplement by tapping the [+] in the top right corner of the home screen. Follow the step by step entry process to add your supplement.

Adding a Suppliers

When adding a supplement for the first time, in the entry process, when you are prompted to select a supplier you will have to add the first supplier to the database. You can choose to skip this step and add a supplier later on from the suppliers screen.

Lead Time

Lead Time determines the approximate shipping and handling time for supplements if they are ordered online. This helps iTake calculate when to order more accurately. If you do not order any items on the internet, simply choose the 1-5 day option.

Home Screen

This is where are the added supplements will live. The green, yellow or red number on the right side indicates how many days worth you have remaining of each supplement. Green = you're safe Yellow = you have 7 days left before you reach red zone Red = this mean that the supplement is critical and may not last until the replacement is received ***The yellow zone is adjustable in settings. It is set to 7 days by default.

Summary Screen

If you tap on a supplement on the home screen, you will be taken to the summary screen for each supplement. This is the cockpit for each supplement. All the necessary information about how many capsules, servings and days are left. On the right side of the screen are tabs that display this information. Next to "Containers"" on the left is the next predicted order date. This is based on the number of capsules, servings and days left, while taking into account the lead time and the yellow zone ( by default 7 days, configurable in settings ).

In the full version, at the bottom of the screen, directly above the menu are information tabs that show cost per serving and monthly cost of the supplement.

Here you can also change the status of the supplement, add a container and skip servings.

Supplement Status

The status of each supplement is indicated by the status indicator in the top left of the summary screen. If the status is [active], that means that all calculations are counting down. You can disable the supplement if want to pause calculations. For example, if you are going on vacation for a week, it doesn't make sense for the app to be counting down if you're not taking the supplement.

The status can also be [awaiting]. This cannot be changed from the status selection screen, but rather automatically set when you mark supplements as ordered from the orders screen. This indicates that you have ordered the selected supplements and no longer have to worry about them running out. Its a simple reminder to let you know which supplements have been ordered.

Add Container

This function allows you to add another container of the same or different size. This will update how many capsules, servings and days you have remaining for that particular supplement. If however, you purchased the same substance but in different form (for example you were taking fish oil in capsule, and switched to liquid form), you will have to add it as another supplement as the two different forms will not mix.

Skip Function

The skip function allows you to make small adjustments to your supplement intake. If by mistake you missed a serving or two of a particular supplement, the skip functi.on will allow you to adjust the servings remaining, which will in turn make automatic adjustments to how many capsules and days you have remaining.


Here the supplements are grouped by supplier. All supplements that are to be ordered soon are checked off automatically. You may check off additional supplements if necessary. Tapping "Mark Selected as Ordered"" button will automatically change the status of all selected supplements to [Awaiting]. This indicates that you have placed for these supplements and are awaiting their arrival. Once they have arrived, you can change the status to [Active] once again.