Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the price after the supplement is entered?

Yes, but you can only do so for a new container. iTake helps you keep track of your spendings on each supplement bottle. Since the price paid for each container is a fixed number, we have locked the container price to the current container. If you purchase extra products of the same kind at a different price, simply add a new container to your existing supplement and enter a new price. Your spending stats will be updated accordingly.

Does iTake have push notifications for pill reminders?

We are currently working to bring you push notifications in a future update. Please stay tuned!

I don't take supplements every day, how can I adjust accordingly?

With iTake you can specify serving size and how often it is taken on a daily or weekly basis. If you don't take your supplements or pills everyday, but rather 3 times per week, simply specify your daily serving size and set the frequency to 3 times per week. For example, if the supplement schedule calls for 4 pills, 3 days per week, you would enter 4 pills as your serving size and use 3 days as your frequency per week.

How can I back up all my supplement and pill information?

Backing up your iTake databse is as easy as backing up your entire iPhone via iCloud or iTunes. Since iTake saves all your supplement and pill information locally on the device, a complete backup of your iPhone will ensure that iTake information will be included in the complete backup as well. This will allow you restore your iPhone from backup and retrive all your saved supplements along with it.