iTake Supplements & Pill Tracker for iPhone

iTake is an iPhone application designed to organize your pills and supplements so you don't forget to re-order when the bottles finish. iTake will organize all your supplements and pills into an easy to read table and display how many days the supplement will last, how many servings are available, how many pills left and when the next order point should be taking while accounting for shipping and handling times. iTake can also organize your suppliers, save addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and suggest what supplements should be ordered at the same time to minimize shipping and handling costs based on which supplier the supplement is coming from. With iTake Supplements & Pill Tracker, you can rest assured that won't encounter the "empty bottle" syndrome, maintain your sanity and make the best out of your persciption medication and supplement taking routine.

Always know how much you have left

Never worry about when to refill your stack because the number of days left for each bottle or tub is conveniently displayed on the home screen. Tap on one and dive further into the details.

Monitor every detail, and then some

With just a tap, you can jump into any supplement and get a complete overview of vital information such as the current schedule, days and pills remaining, next order point to avoid running dry and cool stats about how much you're spending.

Keep track of when to order the next batch

Group all your supplements by suppliers and combine online orders to save time and money. When you place your orders, just mark them accordingly and they will be color-coded on the home screen.

Analyze your spending habbits

With cool statistic you can look into how much your spending on each supplement, down to the serving! Switch between monthly and daily views to pinpoint exactly where your money is going on a daily and monthly basis.

Available Worlwide

No matter where you are in the world, you can personalize your currency and keep track of your supplements. Everything is much better when you're looking at your own currency, isn't it?